My Diary

Dear Diary: My Friends Hate Me.

(Phone rings Friday 5PM)

Me: Hello?

Fiona: Hey girrrl? Are you coming for this launch at this new place in Westy?

Me: Uhhmm…no, sorry cant make it leo, got a gig I’m MCeeing at 7PM. Rain check?

Fiona: hmmm…ok. All the best then, we’ll link up later.

(Phone rings Wednesday noon)

Me: Hey Purity sema?

Purity: Hi! Poa sana. So there’s like a small get together with the girls leo at the club, utakam?

Me: Aki I can’t… I have class leo ya Centonomy.

(Phone rings Saturday 7PM )

Me: Yellow!

Calvo: Hey Rach! Wasapangalas?

Me: Yoooo! sema bana long time!

Calvo: Yeah yeah..story mob, skiza, I’m having a launch for my music video later tonight. Come na K Dash.

Me: Ah..damn Calvo siwezi…Sina baby sitter leo.

Calvo: Uko down.

Me: Sigh. I know.


That’s my life at the moment. I’ll be honest, I’m not exactly thrilled by it, but it’s the life I have right now and I have to make it work. You ever turn so many people down on invites and meet ups that you literally have a whole speech prepared that you give every time till you sound like a broken record? Some friends understand, others just think you’re blowing them off no matter how hard you try to explain. I ain’t mad, just wish they could understand me.

I am currently juggling a lot my dear friend. Sometimes it sounds like a bunch of excuses but I wish there was another way to tell you. There’s family and they normally get the remainder of the little time I have to spare. A problem on its own. When I don’t pick up your call sometimes, I’m either in studio or at a meeting, on the road looking for office space or at a gig Emceeing, maybe even in class. It’s nothing against you my dear friend, neither are you the only one complaining.

I wish I could just say I am busy, but that would be rude. So I will say this, look at it as an IOU. I’ve got my plate very full right now, and I’m gonna need you to understand and even defend me to our other friends when they ask: “But kwani where is Rachel nowadays?”

Before anyone makes a smart ass comment about how I changed and don’t hang out with them anymore, tell them this, that Rachel is just stretched thin at the moment. Girl is just working hard and dedicating her time to her hustle right now but the love is still there and still real.


So let her be.

I hope you understand my dear friend. And by the way, I do miss you. I promise to make it up to you in time.


Love. Live. Learn.

Mwalimu Rachel.

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  1. Well Thats my life too right about Now, I have to say I loooost friends like Really lost but not because i’m busy but because some thought I’m moving faster then them. Thats the problem mostly .

  2. Whatever is good for you Do it first after all it’s trickles down to You. Impress friends and Depress yourself. I learned that the hard way.