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A WhatsApp Group Is NOT A Market Place!

Monday, 8th February 2016.

Dear Diary.

WhatsApp groups shall be the death of me. They shall be the death of my bundles, and be the death of my phone battery. I am sick and tired first of all of being added to groups that add no value in my life. I know many admins are about to HATE me for this but I have had it! Many times I have contemplated leaving a group only for that voice inside my head to warn me about the repercussions of doing so: “What will the others say about you behind your back? Won’t they think you are acting bigger than them and hate you for it?” “Worse still, what if you miss out on a really good whatsApp fight between so and so? Oh the drama! Think of  all the juicy gossip!” So I just tap CANCEL on the ‘Are you sure you want to leave and delete this group’ option, (kwanza there shouldn’t be that option!nkt!) and tap on the MUTE FOR A WEEK one. Sigh. This life!

Just recently, at a group that actually adds value to my life, a member whom I love but will still put on blast here (Sorry! I have to!) posted over I believe to be more than 50 pairs of shoes. 50PAIRS! And this wasn’t his first time! Do you KNOW what that does to your phone, diary? To your okoa bundles?! The confusion you get when you hear one beep sound after another and another thinking guys have ‘changamkiad’ your IG photo only to realize it’s pics of sneakers pilling up?! Do you know how panicked I was, seeing this message flash severally- ‘Not enough storage in your iPhone’?(utajuaje ni iPhone bwana…) Yaani, the last time I cursed that much, I was on the delivery table. One of the other members of the group, on the side (breathe!sitaku-expose!hahaha!) told me his phone SHUT DOWN! It literally said, “Ah!ah! I can’t deal boss, goodbye!” And went to sleep for a couple of hours out of shock. Admin reprimanded the mchuuzi wa viatu and we hoped that was the end of his WhatsApp shoe shop only for him to send pics of JERSEYS! WTF! &8*^&#$@#!$% (Children could be reading this let me not go there!) That was the last straw! I almost tapped the ‘leave group option’ with my big toe. I left! Out! Done! Siwes! Only for me to be added back thirty minutes later.

Why? And I say this with imaginary tears… Why do people use WhatsApp as a market place? Listen, I understand the hustle. I get it. But isn’t it a crime somewhere in our new Kenyan constitution that prohibits someone from forcing merchandise down our WhatsApp throats? Their WhatsApp can’t be blocked or something? How about they just put their products on Facebook? Better yet, OLX?

Ai jameni. Aki nimechoka. Simu inazeeka at a very fast rate. Kwanza juzi nimejipata kwa group with more than 200 people. I want to stay, but honestly that’s too much to deal with. Sasa what is a girl to do? I am seriously at my wits end diary. HELP!



…This reminds me of a time I needed help with my son too! Read all about that HERE!


Love. Live. Learn.

Mwalimu Rachel


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