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Huh? What Sort of Question Is That?

I love asking questions. Whenever I don’t understand something, I make it a habit to ask so I don’t act like I know better. (Ever met someone who pretends to know so much but in reality knows nothing? Yeah. That’s not me. Lol) In fact, the reason why I am a presenter at HBR is because I asked questions. I was inquisitive and wanted to learn so badly that my training producer noticed. So, questions are good!
Not ALL questions though! Some are just downright stupid and the people who ask these questions are out to either hurt our feelings or just bug us. Let me share with you my story.
I meet with this long lost “pal” from campo days then they ask me: “So bado uko Homeboyz? Eish, hujawahi taka kutoka?”

Sasa, nitoke niende wapi?! Unataka niwe jobless kama wewe?! Na shida iko wapi nikiwa huko for 8years? Yakuuma wapi wewe?!—>That’s what I WISH I could say but I always decide not to. Not worth the drama.

Now share with me your own funny story of those stupid questions people ask you. What do you say back in response? Email your short story to info@localhost please include your social media handles as well as a photo of yourself so I can put it here on the website and give you props for street cred! Can’t wait to hear from you!

Love. Live. Learn.

Mwalimu Rachel.

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