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Remembering My friend Natani.

Dear Diary.

Monday will be the toughest show for me on radio. And I imagine for many other presenters of Homeboyz Radio. We have lost a friend, a colleague, and an amazing soul. Natani Nyaga.
He was such a handsome lad. With the sweetest smile. He laughed with his heart and was just a friendly guy. I remember joking with Della at the office when he arrived on the first day that:

“Hee! at least tumepata eye candy. Our ka brown skin boy.”
He laughed and we continued to tease him.

The day he got that thin gold chain around his neck I started calling him casanova. I told him: “ You know, for some reason only playas wear that kind of chain Natani.” He laughed and said “Ai nooooo! It’s just a chain Mwalimu. You know, swag kiasi.” I laughed as I headed to the studio for my show.


The day I got a call that I would MC for Unilever’s Chuo Club, it was Natani I thought of first to be my photographer. I had seen him walking around the office with a camera. He had showed me some great shots he had taken and more to that, he had started taking some beautiful shots of Mike Wachira our HBR Drive presenter. Our other eye candy. LOL. The other presenters had teased Mike how suddenly he was looking fabulous and all thanks to Natani and his camera. He was such a talented photographer.

Picture taken by Natani. Model: Mike Wachira


Picture taken by Natani. WOW.

I called him to tell him about the Unilever event and he agreed to come through for me despite it being last minute. I would pay him- something he had not expected me to do but I had told him this, “Natani, you are good at what you do, don’t do it for free!” He took my advice and thanked me. On our way back to the studio together we joked about how the girls at Kenya High were excited to see us both from HBR and how confused we were when they asked us for autographs

Picture taken by Natani at The Kenya High School.

“Auotographs Mwalimu! Like, hata sikua najua nitaandika nini! So I just signed my name! Hahahahahah!” We burst out laughing. It was a ride I will never forget. We talked and laughed all the way back. From then on any time we as HBR crew had an outside assignment, I asked that Natani ride with me. He was such good company.

Then came the time we were talking in the office and we found out that his relative was a friend of mine from Primary school all the way in Mombasa. “Waa! Such a small world!”

Then turns out Natani went to some ocha secondary school called Kevote in Embu where I am from. We were sharing our struggle days. “Oh my word!” We burst out laughing till tears rolled down our eyes. I made fun of him that whole week.

He was our digital guy, posting tweets as @homeboyzradio, also posting stories on the website, took pics of winners when they came to collect their goodies, helped me in sourcing information for a topic on the show, we always discussed what the show would be about. Natani, myself, producers Ace and Stano. That was the Class 1-2-4 A TEAM. We had a thing going with the guys where we would “jaza ngata” yaani send him for biscuits every other afternoon for that 4 O’clock tea. He took up that role and would do it gladly. Just the other day he introduced us to new cakes the vendor downstairs had started selling. Haha! Natani. Bless his soul.

Selfie with Natani at the office.


He even made an appearance in one of my You Tube videos the time I documented my 24 Hours. Watch time 2:42.

I got to first find out about Natani’s disappearance on Saturday 12th on the HBR whatsapp group. It seemed like a bad joke, then a bad dream. We immediately put word out on social media with the hashtag #FindNatani. It was later in the night that we received the shocking news. The unconfirmed report we have is that he was hit by a matatu in Kariobangi on the 11th, Thursday night. We still have got many questions surrounding the night of his disappearance and in time we pray the truth comes out. I can’t remember the last time I cried this hard trying to make sense of reality.

Picture taken by Natani. Spectacular isn’t it?

Monday will be the toughest show for me on radio, diary. I don’t even know where I will begin. Radio 101 taught me to always put aside anything that would bring me down emotionally while on air. No matter what has happened out there, block it and give people a good time. The number one rule is: The show must go on. But this isn’t something that is out there. This is within. He was family to us. I really don’t know how I will do my job tomorrow afternoon.

Picture of me taken by Natani at the office. He showed me how to pose.

I can’t even begin to imagine what his family is going through. As a mother it breaks my heart even more. He had just cleared uni at USIU. He was planning on moving to a new place. He had a girlfriend he loved. So young. So full of potential. So energetic. So kind.

Give us strength Lord to come to terms with all this. Poleni sana familia ya Natani. We are with you in prayer.


From this I have learnt that it’s not guaranteed that you will see that colleague you laugh with and has literally become a part of you everyday at the office, on Monday. Tell them they are doing a good job. Tell them they have an amazing smile. Tell them they are awesome.

The office won’t be the same without you Natani. Sleep well. Tell the man upstairs we really don’t understand why, but let His will be done.



Love. Live. Learn.
Mwalimu Rachel 😢 😢

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  1. God will give you strength,all the HBR staff and Natani’s family,,is not easy but all shall be well,May His Soul Rest In Peace

  2. Rest in peace Natani. Lords shall see you HBR_Family n Natani’s through this tryin times.
    It’s only Lord that knows why…

  3. wonderful piece Rachel.Natani made friends within 10 mins of meeting.Very heartbreaking

    please keep us posted on all the arrangements, meetings etc as we support the family. Thanks

  4. This has made me feel like I know him,personally. Read it with tears brimming my eyes. Only God has the answers as to why such a young soul,full of life is resting with the angels with no goodbyes. My condolences to HBR Family as well as his family.
    #JusticeForNatani I believe the driver should be brought to book.
    R.I.P Natani. @mwalimu It is well!

  5. I surely don’t believe it as well I can’t even phathom that. I saw natani On Thursday and he was happy. I had just came to ask for Rae and he was more than happy to help with the demo I wanted to give Rae. This is sad and for the short time I knew him he was a great person with a warm heart. I pray for his family and may he rest in peace

  6. Natani was such a great soul and inspiration. First time I met Natani we were both new at the company (Homeboyz). Fortunately enough we both clicked immediately n had a little chat as we waited to meet our individual supervisors. we chatted for less than 15 minutes and exchanged contacts. During me working time at Homeboyz i remember how Denis Ndavi ( my supervising boss) and I would call Natani and make fun of him and make him critic our design work yet we knew he wasn’t a designer. While working at Homeboyz Natani helped me accomplish my greatest artwork to date the new look of Homeboyz Radio website and as i even departed he remained a great friend. we frequently met for coffee and my girlfriend always told me “Hii bromance yenu itawamaliza.” I have lost a great friend and so has the world Cause through out my life i never met anyone passionate about what they do as Natani was. I actually pity the world cause I believe Natani would have made it a better place and i’ll greatly miss seeing what he would have done. You were a friend but most of all you were a friend to many. Rest In Peace Natani.

  7. So so sad.
    Mwalimu you had such a connection.
    I didn’t know him but even in the pictures he looks like a down to earth person.
    Sleep well Natani.

  8. condolences to the whole fraternity of HBR and Natani’s friends & relatives .. Take heart and may God comfort and wipe away your tears during this trying times.

  9. Hey Mwalimu,

    So sorry to hear that you lost a colleague. As someone who lost and buried colleague a little over a week ago, I feel your pain. Take heart. May he RIP. Condolences to his family and the HBR fraternity.

  10. so sad losing a close friend and a school mate plus a close hoodmate. i really couldnt believe the post on instagram from his classmate since i thought it was just a hoax not till i read his second post bout him ending up in mama ngina morgue. i tried calling his cell but it was of. so i text back to find out really whats going on till i saw this post of yours….

  11. May he’s soul rest in paradise
    I remember natani, his cousin Eric and I used to swim saying our ambitions, laughing out loud, those days seem yesterday when I got the news.
    His entire Neighbours in pearl villas are astonished by the sad event. Take heart as we mourn these the loss of natani aka Tash great friend and brother.

  12. I met him in a matatu on my way home from work a few months ago and we just started talking after that I would see him every other day going home and we would sit together and chat hadi kiambu. He was the kind of person you would get along with soo easily and make you think eh good people still exist. What happened to him was soo tragic,I still can’t believe he’s gone.
    Rest in peace Tash