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#MRX: The Power Of Appreciation.

2nd January 2016.

Dear Diary,

It always feels good when someone appreciates me for a particular reason or just because I matter. An opportunity opened up a couple of days back thanks to my friends at Coca Cola to SURPRISE and show some love to two people of my choice because, well… they matter. And so I thought and thought diary. My first thought was hubby but, I show him love in many ways than one hehehe…he was good. I thought some more and then it came to me. Of course! My sister FAITH! She works at Sarova Stanley and works really hard. She is also a mum and that means she has a home to run, not forgetting the fact that she’s undertaking her Masters Degree. Wow. Super woman much? I hate her. LOL!

This surprise went down pretty well! Faith shed a tear (awwwww!) Check it out in pictures!

The next person was Stacey. She is my social media administrator, helps me keep things afloat here on my website and also does the same for the Homeboyz Radio space where we work. She is such a hard worker. I see her like my little genius, talking numbers and strategy. What would I do without her? Sometimes I feel like I don’t tell her I value her enough. And just because you are paid for a service doesn’t mean you don’t want to hear the words “ Thank You” and “You Are Awesome” right? Right.

Thank you Coca-Cola! You are Too cool.

Check out the time I got a surprise at the office from one of my listeners HERE! WOW!

Love. Live. Learn.

Mwalimu Rachel


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