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Good morning! We are celebrating #29DaysOfSelfLove. Check out today’s affirmation below and have a great day!


❤️Good morning!February is recognized as the month of love by lovers. This time however, I am undertaking something called #29DaysOfSelfLove, where everyday, I will have an affirmation to APPRECIATE myself, to ENCOURAGE myself, and to challenge myself to be better. I invite you to join me in this journey of self discovery and self love. You can repeat the affirmations with me every morning or come up with yours, so long as you start the day with an affirmation and surround yourself with POSITIVITY throughout the day😊 You CANNOT put yourself down or allow anyone or any situation bring you down in these 29 days. Remember to put the #29DaysOfSelfLove as we carry out these convos on social media. Have a great day! ✌🏽️ Check out today’s affirmation!

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