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Matirisha Anacome! Matirisha Anacome!

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Francis Wang’ondu

Facebook: Francis Kiruhi
Twitter: @k_faw

Hi Mwalimu I’m Francis Wang’ondu n this is my list of teacher nicknames

  • Matirisha (Windowpanes): our Chem teacher he had very big spectacles.
  • Karurigi(thread): computer teacher, she was very slim n tall
  • Kamwana (young man): maths teacher, he was very short n small.
  • Kibwenye (oversize coat): physics teacher he used to wear very oversize coats.
  • Predator: swahili teacher he was dark with a fearful face n was very
    rough on the students
  • Kasweety: CRE n Geo teacher, she was very cute n talked softly.
  • Zombie: the boarding master, he was dark with a scary face n harassed
    the students
  • Kipii (boy): biology teacher, behaved like a boy n used to report
    students to principal even on very minor issues

Haha! Your list is extensive! I love it! Thank you so much for your submission!


Love. Live. Learn.

Mwalimu Rachel

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