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#MatatuMadness Part 2:

Monday 19th October 2015

Dear Diary.

“When the world gives you lemons, throw ’em back at the world and demand for your sweet oranges!!” That’s what I say…hahaha! I believe I hold the power to let something get to me or to rise above it and make a different experience out of it. This is not to say I am never sad diary, just that I will try, try, try again to make myself see the brighter side of a situation before I call it quits. I am stubborn like that. So day one of using matatus came and left, and despite the slight discomfort in the bumpy rides, fighting sleep so my handbag isn’t stolen, running to catch up to them before they left the stage(lol! thank goodness for the gym sessions!) and even preachers in buses! I said I was going to make the best out of this. How you ask diary? By making this experience enjoyable.

I was going to take it back to primary school days (nah, not high school, because, you know… skipped that phase since I was in Embu when in high school and it was a walking distance from home so when all the other girls were excited packing their bags and booking seats in the hottest mats to go to town, I was, well, contemplating carrying my luggage on my head or shoulders…worst. time. ever. as a teenager lol!) So you see diary, this was going to be PAYBACK. I was going to sit back, chill out and maybe even sing along to the music playing on the radio.

From Week One of public transportation to two weeks down the line, and hey, I made it diary!

In the end, what I learnt is to derive the best out of every situation. Some of the things that happen in life are to shake us up a little bit, take us out of our comfort zone and re connect us to the rest of the world. There’s always someone out there who is having it worse than I am. I do not take the simple pleasures in my life for granted, neither am I ignorant to reality. I think that’s what makes me flexible in life and not rigid. If memory serves me correct, in the study of evolution, (huuwii how do I remember this? Haha!) it was Charles Darwin who said if you don’t adapt, you die. Now let me head over to the STORY BOOK section and take a look at some stories from my people on #MatatuMadness! This should be an interesting and hilarious read!

Love. Live. Learn.
Mwalimu Rachel.

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