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My friend is in deep sh*t 🙈

Dear Diary.

My friend Tatianna (that name is soooo fake, can you tell?) is in a heap of trouble and I do not know how to help her! When she told me the story I just died of laughter but enyewe ako na shida. Here’s her story.

Tatianna has this close guy pal of hers called Charles (yet another fake name) whom she has known since Uni. Tatianna also has a boyfriend called Jack (you guessed it! Also a fake name …lol!) and have been dating for about 3 years now. Jack doesn’t really like Chalo and has often mentioned to Tatianna that he suspects Chalo loves her low key, and is  just waiting for his chance to pounce. Now of course Tatianna rubbished these claims and has been telling Jack she loves him alone and he better stop being insecure of Chalo.

Sasa last weekend Tatianna met up with Chalo after like months of not seeing each other because Chalo had travelled.

They had lunch nini nini, ice cream, and she went back home.

After kitu 2 days, Tatianna had a dream.

In her dream, she was with Chalo and they were outside having lunch. Mara the wind started blowing… really hard and kidogo kidogo it turned dark and the earth split open swallowing Chalo. All this time she was calling out “Chalo! Huuwiii Chalo!” Kumbe dame hajui anaitana kwa nguvu in real life!! Waaah! Sii wacha Jack wakes up and starts to shake Tatianna back to the real world? She wakes up stunned and he goes on to ask her “ Eheee? So now you are even dreaming of Chalo eh? What have you been doing behind my back?”

Weeh! Needless to say, drama ikaanza.

She tried defending herself but Jack just wasn’t having it. He even left her on the bed and proceeded to sleep on the couch. Shidaaaaa! I tell you. Chic calls me up in the morning to tell me the drama like:

“LOL! Mimi niko na shida za Jabari kua mtukutu and then you bring me this?” *Rolls Eyes* But being the good friend that I am, I laugh at her FIRST, then proceed on to calm her down, telling her to give it some time and get Chalo and Jack in a room so she can explain.

But what would you do if you were Tatianna? Sasa utajitetea ukiwa upande gani?

And if you were Jack, would you believe Tatianna’s story that it was a bad dream and understand she has no control over what she dreams?

Post your answer below in the comments section tafadhali and help a sister out. Lol.

Love. Live. Learn.

Mwalimu Rachel.

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  1. Hahahahaaahaaahaa, I was sleepless and I found myself reading this, this late but I couldn’t help laughing
    Kwanza the jack guy ndio mwenye kisirani, had he not mention Chalo to Tatty, all this couldn’t have ooccured,aaaaiih it was just a dream hahahaa