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5 Life-Lessons To Learn From TV Show Suits

Somehow, I’ve had the time… The time to binge watch the epic TV Show, Suits.

Don’t judge me! You have your favourite way to waste time, I have mine! It’s no secret that every human being needs play. In fact, sometimes you learn things when you play. So here are 5 things I’ve learnt from watching Suits.


1 – Trust that no one can do it better than you.

It’s interesting how every character on the TV Show is VERY self-assured about themselves – to the point that they appear arrogant! It’s okay to be confident.


It’s also okay to show how confident you are. People may sometimes hate you for it, but screw them! At the end of the day, you’re awesome!


2 – Prove the doubters wrong.

There will always be people who will doubt you. You either let them define who you are or ignore their reservations and prove them wrong.


This doesn’t mean you’re always right. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take in other people’s suggestions. It means you are reasonable enough to differentiate between honest criticism and cruel hate! One is meant to better you, the other is meant to bring you down.


3 – Don’t let the personal interfere with business.

Louis Litt always let his emotions impact his professional output and look at all the ways he tends to screw up! It’s hard not to hate dislike him, most of the time!


Don’t be that person that cannot work with someone simply because you “hate” them – Take a moment and think. You are letting your personal impact your business,  and that is not a good look on you. Be a professional.


4 – Your appearance matters.

Harvey says: “People respond to how we’re dressed, so like it or not this is what you have to do.” It takes a second for someone to make conclusions about you based on your appearance.


You don’t have to wear suits or expensive clothes. There are places where that wouldn’t make sense. Point is – think of how you want people to perceive you, then begin to create your self-image.


5 – Learn to say NO to people.

Sure, it’s hard – But sometimes you need to say no. Each time you say yes when you want to say no, you’re giving away a piece of yourself, your time, your energy… Stop!!!

donna no


No one’s saying you’ll live that epic Harvey Spector life, but these are pretty solid life lessons worth remembering.


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