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Monday, 14th September 2015.

Wow dear diary, the day is finally here! My website is up! All the preparation, anxiety and sleepless nights has led us to this moment right here, right now. I wonder what’s going on in their minds as they read this. By the time I am through will they leave inspired and motivated? Will they come again? Have more questions about me? Form new perceptions of me? It’s always hard opening up to someone new but I’ll just be me and welcome them into my world. Who knows, maybe this website is exactly what they’ve been waiting for.

What a journey it has been, diary. Recalling the day I joined Homeboyz Radio while still at The University Of Nairobi. Little Embu girl, born and raised in Mombasa (and weighing less as well lol!) juggling an internship with school; missing some classes so I can be at the office by 7AM, catching up on notes in the evening, the folks wondering what the hell was going on with me, why I was stressing on joining radio at the second year of Uni…What WAS I thinking? Sometimes when we believe in something so strongly and passionately, all reason and logic flies out the window. Maybe that’s how we come to know what we are really made of…

I did have fun along the way though! After graduation that is. Living the life (err..then again not really “the life” though, I mean sii eti nilikua na pesa vile!) but remember the tiny one roomed crib pale Golden Gate South B? Man! That feeling of independence was everything! Having my own key, making my own rules as I go, sending money back home? Best. Feeling. Ever. Still is! Life was simple. In my quiet time I reminisce on those times, wondering whether my baby boy will get to enjoy the same. Oh yes diary! I have a son now. I know, I know, been a while since my last “confession”. Don’t worry though, we have so much to catch up on, there’s a time for everything.

Haya, website tunayooo! (insert Julie Gichuru ululation here) I love her by they way… They’re probably wondering what it will be all about. Ni gossip? Lifestyle? Entertainment? Reality TV? You know me diary, I am quite dramatic and eccentric. They will just have to get to know me to know what I am all about. To be part of the “Mwalimu Rachel Experience”. One thing I can say… they will love it! And in the process, I will learn more about myself and love me more too.

There’s so much more to me dear diary than meets the eye. A daughter, sister, aunt, mother, wife, radio jockey (just a fancy word from India and Pakistan to mean radio presenter), and did you know DJ stands for disc jockey? Lol. Clearly I am in full Mwalimu Rachel mode. I am also a farmer (like I said diary it’s been long since we last chatted so keep up! lol!) a TV host, an MC -see contacts for booking! a voice over artiste, a motivational speaker, a social media influencer who has worked with big brands such as Safaricom and Coca Cola; and soon going back to school to become a student. Again. Yeah…never saw that coming. So how do I do it all and still remain sane, most of the time at least? The more entries I put here the more they will know and in the process hopefully do it themselves. Once as a fresher in Uni a friend asked me what I saw myself being after school. I said ” Honestly, I don’t know, but whatever it is, I’ll be great at it.” The journey begins now, and it’s full steam ahead.
Until next time diary.
Love. Live. Learn.

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  1. It has been really great watching you progress. Firsr time saw you was on Homegrown show on KBC.
    And then radio grew on me and boom..HBR happened.
    I believe you’re progressing because you have remained true to yourself.
    So go girl!!Keep building that brand;and the brand will feed you. God bless your hustle. ☺

  2. Thanks sana Mwalimu you really inspire me with your diary. May God bless you to continue inspiring Kenyan youths.