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Help! This Isn’t Working Out!

The media has already done a good job of filling our heads with reasons why we should work out. A class 2 pupil can write an inspiring composition on why you need to work out and how it is good for your physical and mental health. Do your research and you will discover how exercising releases some feel good chemicals that will help you power through your day, and all that goodness.

But why are you not able to start or even maintain your workout routine? The answer is simple. Working out is HARD!


We all want that perfectly toned body we see on TV and in magazines. We all want to be like that friend on Facebook who posts their workout routines and flashes a serious 6 pack, one chiseled probably by the devil himself. But it’s just too damn hard. Yes we may have catchy phrases for it like ‘go hard or go home’ or ‘no pain no gain’. But still, saying that is so much easier that actually doing it.

no pain

Not everyone has the will of steel to wake up every day and run 10K or do 500 pushups. Not everyone can afford to go the gym or better yet hire a personal trainer that will keep you motivated and help you work out in your own house.

But let’s not run away from the truth, your body needs that workout. And here’s how I think you can do it.


  1. Workout for You

If you are going to undertake this venture, let it be because it’s a personal choice and no one has forced you to it.  And you are not doing it to impress anyone. Work out because it’s good for you and it is what you need in your life.

  1. Do and use what you can

You don’t need to actually go to the gym or buy some fancy equipment to get your body active. Once you have made the decision it’s a matter of getting creative. Start by downloading an App like 30 days fitness challenge. Its gives you very simple exercises that you can do without using any equipment. Exercise you can do right inside in your house at your own time and convenience. If you do a bit research online you will discover many other types of dance workouts and routines like Zumba and Hip hop abs that will you will have fun doing at the same time work those muscles.

  1. Take it easy

The best workout for your body is that which is gradual. Start small to allow your body to adjust and increase gradually over time. This will allow your body to adjust to the new conditions comfortably and the results will be more enduring. Don’t target to acquire Abs in two months, if by some miracle you have, maintaining this over a long period of time will be really hard because you will be straining your body. Instead do little and be able to do it for a long time as you slowly increase the pace and amount.

  1. It’s okay to give up once in a while

There are those days you wake up and your body just can’t manage to work out. We’ll don’t fear to give up. In life we sometimes feel like we have hit rock bottom but always find a way to get up and move on. In the same breath, get up the next day and try again and again and again.

As a side note, remember to always warm up before you start your workout and cool down when you are done. This will help prevent injuries and gives you the energy and momentum to tackle the day’s challenge.  Always Keep in mind that workout should be a lifestyle but not a means to an end. Something that you can maintain even when you are old.




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